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Chemaphor, a health and wellness company focusing on unmet needs in the multi-billion dollar animal and human health markets, released a corporate update and review of its activities of the past 12 months along with their plans and strategy for 2012.

David Hankinson, CEO of Chemaphor, shared, “2011 was a significant year of transition for Chemaphor. The Company, having validated its core intellectual property-protected oxidized carotenoid (OxC-beta) platform over the past years under an R&D framework, has embarked on executing a 3-stage strategy for commercialization of the OxC-beta technology, targeting three major global markets, which in order of ease of regulatory accessibility are: Companion animal and pet supplements for dogs, cats, horses and ornamental fish; food animal feed supplement alternatives to in-feed antibiotics to increase productivity through enhanced health and safety; and human health applications based upon enhancement of immune function.

Early in 2011, Avivagen Animal Health, Inc., which is a Chemaphor subsidiary, launched Oximunol Chewables for dogs, which was its first commercial veterinary product, to the companion animal health market in Canada. Chemaphor has been in discussions with several multinationals with a strong presence in the United States and hopes to secure a partner for distribution of Oximunol Chewables on “commercially reasonable terms.” They also plan to examine strategic channels for various overseas markets of the product.

Safety tests have begun of OxC-beta for cats. A branded line of specialized products based on OxC-beta is also being prepared by Chemaphor. Consumers will be targeted in stages and marketed via Internet, specialty pet stores, and pet boutiques.

Research has been occurring over the past few years by Chemaphor to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of OxC-beta in food animals.

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