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Ventura County Animal Servicescalled upon a few extra helpers this past Wednesday as celebrities partnered with the shelter to advocate pet adoptions.  Celebrities in attendance included:  Orlando Brown from TV show “That’s So Raven,” Michelle Forbes from “True Blood,” Ricochet the surfing dog, former Playboy playmate Devin Devasquez and animal advocate Kim Sill of the Heigl Foundation.

In calling upon the help of the celebrities, the animal shelter has aspirations to send a message to the community referencing the importance of reducing euthanasia by adopting animals and neutering pets.  In addition to this campaign, the shelter has also registered to participate in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) competition.  The competition has 49 other shelters competing throughout the nation with the goal of reducing euthanasia by adopting animals or returning them to their owners.

As for the celebrities, they will appear in PSAs over the next weeks encouraging people to adopt pets.  On August 6, the celebrities return to Camarillo for the discounted pet adoption event at the animals shelter.

Animal Services Director Monica Nolan said less than 25 percent of animals at the shelter are returned to their owners and the rest are put up for adoption.

“With the help of the celebrities, we hope to get exposure and let people know that animals need a home,” Nolan said.

Following their campaign with the celebrities, Ventura County Animal Services sets their eyes on the ASPCA competition starting Monday and running through October 31.  The shelter’s goal during the competition is to save over 1,700 lives.  Grand prize for the competition is worth $100,000.

To learn more about the Ventura County Animal Services, visit the webpage, Facebook.  For more information regarding the contest put on by the ASPCA, click here.

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