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STOKE-ON-TRENT, England (January 10, 2014)The Cat Hampurr, a Stoke-on-Trent (UK) based business, is looking to fill the cat shaped hole in the UK monthly gift subscription box market.

Subscription box services are becoming increasingly popular for people; a monthly box filled with great products delivered directly to your door on almost any topic. Subscribers pay a set monthly fee and receive regular packages filled with all manners of related products.

Should our feline friends miss out? Kelly Copeland, founder of The Cat Hampurr, doesn’t think so.

“When I looked at what was available for my cat I was very disappointed, there are a few doggy focused subscription services and even a handful who cater for cats as an add-on,” Copeland said. “I had real problems finding somebody who’s main focus was cats though which was what I wanted.”

Copeland, who is experienced in running online services for pets having setup a number of successful ecommerce websites previously wanted to find excellent products for cats and their owners to look forward to receiving on a monthly basis.

“There are many really great products on the market for your cat but you won’t find them all in the larger chains or in your local pet store,” Copeland adds. “We’re working really hard to source products which are interesting, innovative and fun for both pets and owners. We want to create something subscribers really look forward to receiving, something they can open and share with their cats every month.”

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