The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution’s column,, was recently awarded the 2012 Readers’ Choice Award in the category of Best Website about cat health. The site is run written and maintained by Shelby Neely, VMD, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Neely has been a veterinarian at a cat-only vet hospital in Philadelphia’s Main Line section for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and recently returned to house call visits for cats. She also writes, edits, and is the webmaster for five other websites in addition to the column for cats. She has written an e-book, From Rugs to Hugs, to help cat owners who have felines with elimination issues. Her next book on cat health will be published later in 2012, in addition to a memoir she and her daughter are co-authoring together.


“Considering that there are thousands of cat websites across the internet, I feel very honored to have received such an award. More importantly, the fact that this was an award chosen by readers, not a panel of judges, means the world to me, Dr. Neely shared in her latest newsletter.


The award was given to a website that present cat health care information for free in a way that lay people can understand yet still professionally written. Within this category were websites that are maintained by individual vets, universities, or colleges.


Neely is also a guest blogger for, is a consulting vet and on-air personality for FURminator, and authors articles for other newspapers and magazines in addition to the websites.

Franny Syufy, About.Com Cats Guide, shared, “AskTheCatDoctor surged ahead quickly and coasted to an easy victory with 85% of the vote. The award absolutely couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person. I have learned so much already from the short time I have been visiting the website.”


For more about the Cat Doctor (Dr. Neely), visit her column at Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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