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Dynavet, a pet supply company in Great Britain, has developed the Aboistop Anti Bark Dog Training Collar designed to safely and painlessly encourage your dog not to bark.

There are two kits available, the Standard Kit and the Compact Kit. Each Kit comprises of a nylon webbing, adjustable collar with a unit mounted on it, a battery and a refill canister containing oil of citronella.

The Aboistop training collar uses an electronic sensing unit to release a jet of citronella towards the dog’s chin when he barks, that surprises the dog and controls problem barking. The dog will stop barking and try to locate the source of the strange smell.

Dynavet said there will be no traumatizing sensation and no side effects on the dog or his sense of smell.

For more information about the Aboistop Anti Bark Dog Training Collar go to or

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