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Born Free USA, a national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, recently named the winner of its first ever Compassionate Pet Supply Store Contest. Mounds Pet Warehouse in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, was selected for the honor.


The Born Free Foundation began in England in 1984 by the stars of the film, Born Free. For two decades, the Born Free Foundation has taken the lead as an international force in wildlife conservation and animal protection, campaigning to save elephants, big cats, wolves, dolphins, bears, primates, and numerous other species. Its companion organization, Born Free USA, was established in the United States in 2002, to continue the work and mission of its sister foundation.


The contest conducted by Born Free USA asked consumers to vote online for their selection of most compassionate pet supply store. As the winner, Mounds Pet Warehouse received high accolades. Mounds does not sell live animals and the store works in its community with local shelters to place homeless animals, as well as provide support to their new guardians through education.

Executive Vice President of Born Free USA, Adam Roberts, said, “Increasingly discerning consumers are taking a stand with their dollars to support good business practices. We applaud Mounds Pet Warehouse for its conscientious decision not to sell live animals in their stores and therefore not contributing to the millions of animals suffering in pet stores and bred in mills.”


Mounds Pet Warehouse is locally owned and operated and has a total of five locations. Born Free USA selected the recipient from its datable of United States pet supply stores that are supporting good business practices as defined by Born Free USA standards. Heather Sullivan, Marketing Manager for Mounds said, “Mounds does not sell live animals. We prefer to partner with humane societies and animal rescue groups to help homeless companion animals because we believe the measure of humanity is the extent to which you raise the standard of taking responsibility for those who can’t help themselves. It just makes good business sense. This is who we are.”


For more information on Born Free USA, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook, The website for Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is

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