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The Iowa-based dog food company BOGO Bowl is asking people to use their innovative buy-one-give-one model of business to help dogs in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi affected by Hurricane Isaac.

“It’s hard to not feel helpless several states away when we see dogs rescued in boats and overflowing animal shelters,” explained Sara Henderson, chief foodie at BOGO Bowl. “This is a very easy way for everyone to pitch in, regardless of location.”

BOGO Bowl normally operates their buy-one-give-one model to distribute food to animal shelters around the country, recipients designated by the food purchaser. For the next few weeks, buyers are encouraged to buy a bag of dog food at and designate the matching recipient as ‘Isaac.’

“Folks can even purchase food and designate both bags go to the hurricane victims if they feel so moved,” Henderson said. “The value of pets has been much more acknowledged through this hurricane devastation and their plight is being felt by dog-owners around the world. We’re hoping to send lots of food and love to dogs in the south.”

Dogs already in shelters, dogs that have gotten lost amidst evacuation and stray dogs are now in crowded shelters in the hardest hit states, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, or they have been shipped out to shelters in neighboring states. BOGO Bowl will direct food to these overcrowded, stretched-thin shelters.

BOGO Bowl began mid-2012 and is based in Des Moines, Iowa. The company offers 20- and 55-pound bags of high-quality dog food, all of which are part of the buy-one-get-one concept. The seven BOGO food varieties are puppy, maintenance, healthy weight, lamb meal and rice, chicken meal and rice, salmon meal and rice and no-grain chicken. When a bag is purchased via, the buyer may designate an animal-welfare organization to receive a matching bag.


To participate in this effort, visit, purchase any size of the seven food formulas and choose ‘Isaac’ as the recipient during checkout.

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