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Mary Haight is the brainchild behind Animal Café, a podcast-style blog that features the latest information and trends, news, and updates in the world of animal welfare, dog training and behavior, pet health care, travel and more.
Haight has been involved in animal welfare for 15 years and runs her own site, Dancing Dog Blog. Authors, activists, trainers, veterinarians, media personalities, industry movers and shakers, experts and enthusiasts are visiting the Animal Café and doing podcasts with Haight.

In addition to Mary, Dr. Lorie Huston is part of the Animal Café crew. Huston is a veterinarian with over 20 years experience treating dogs and cats. She is currently practicing in Providence, Rhode Island. Lorie is an expert in pet health and pet care in addition to being a talented writer and blogger.

Kelly Gorman Dunbar is a co-founder and the executive editor of the DogStarDaily and a contributing editor at She also is featured on Animal Café.

Animal Café offers a new podcast interview by one of the Café’s team each week. They have a series of pet products review videos from Mary Haight and Fidose of Reality, and occasional guest podcasters like Hilary Lane, certified dog trainer at Fang Shui Canines and former journalist.  If you have an interesting story you’d like to present, you can connect with Haight at

They cover the world of animals from animal welfare issues, to cutting edge dog behavior and training topics, important pet health care news and issues, pet travel national and international, and pet products to increase your pets quality of life and enhance time spent together. Animal Cafe brings listeners information that they hope will enrich your experience of the pet world and the relationship with your animals.

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