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Yasmine Surovec is the founder of the Cat Vs. Human blog, winner of the Best Humor Blog at the BlogPaws 2012 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogger Awards.
As the creative force behind the popular blog, Surovec is also an illustrator and designer of a few other online ventures. She has been featured on several sites, including Apartment Therapy, Craft Magazine, Decor8, I Can Has Cheezburger, and more. Many of her posts have “gone viral” and appeared on sites including The Huffington Post.

According to her blog, Surovec says, “I draw stuff for a living. I like cats. I like a certain boy. I’ve been told that I’m socially inept and that I have the personality of a blank piece of paper. Thank god for the Internet. At least my parents think I’m special. It says in the birthday card they sent me several years ago. It had a picture of a Persian cat with a pointy party hat, with the words “You’re Special” printed in glitter.”

She told Persephone Magazine in an interview that she has been doing comics since she was in high school and would often sell her “zines and mini comics” at school.  She also has another comic called Lemonade Swimming Pool, which is about growing up, and reports other comics in the works.

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