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The Intrepid Pup brand blends imagery and narrative to promote lifelong learning and an active lifestyle with one’s pet by chronicling Tavish the Vizsla’s adventures at national parks, natural wonders, museums, historical sites, events and attractions throughout the country. From time to time, the Intrepid Pup channels also reflect upon Tavish’s experiences as an AKC-certified therapy dog working with children and the elderly in a variety of settings.

The blog was the BlogPaws 2012 awardee for “Best New Blog.” Tracy Baetz is the brainchild behind the blog. As a pet visitation therapy dog, Tavish visits several libraries where children read to him to build their confidence and literacy skills. He’s heard and seen a LOT of children’s books.


The millennia-old bond between canines and humans is cited in everything from scientific journals to reality TV. And these days, given the growing, multi-billion-dollar pet services industry, cherishing one’s dog is hardly unusual. To tout Tavish as “the best” would diminish all the other great relationships people so fortunately have forged with their pets. Yet Tavish is our best, and we’re lucky to have found so steadfast a companion:  an intrepid pup who’s been our co-pilot in all seasons to parks, museums and monuments across the United States and in and our nation’s capital.

Eager to take on the seashore, the mountaintop and all the woodland trails and urban jungles in between, Tavish has made roadtripping more fun, gotten us to realize it’s as much about the journey as the destination, and challenged us to be more observant along the way. To quote a famous Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the places we’ll go!”

Learn more about Tavish and his adventures by visiting The Intrepid Pup blog at

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