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Saying Robin A.F. Olson loves cats is an understatement. Since Olson met her first cat at the age of two, she’s been smitten with kittens. But Olson, a graphic designer and writer, never dreamed she’d be able to combine her passion for words and images with her love of cats.


In 2006 she created a web site for her book project; Covered in Cat Hair: The Mostly True Stories of a Life Spent with Cats. Olson hoped to “get discovered” by a publisher and surely fame and fortune would follow. What happened next, surprised even her.


The publishers never appeared and her book is gathering dust on a shelf, but her resulting blog, the 2011 DogTime Media’s Pettie Award Winner for Best Cat Blog and 2011 DogTime Media’s Pettie Award Finalist for Best Social Integration Blog,, soon became the heart of a Cat-Centric Community of passionate cat lovers. Through her efforts, Olson began to inspire readers by sharing stories about fostering kittens, about cat health & wellness and about her day to day struggles understanding her own cat’s behavior.


When she learned about cats in the southern United States being euthanized in record numbers due to overcrowded shelters, the result of cat guardians not spaying their cats, she had to do something to help.


Olson called on her readers to get involved, to spread the word about “at risk” cats struggling to escape High-Kill Shelters and to donate funds to help make that happen. She led the ranks by example, left the rescue group she was with, and put her life savings into creating a non-profit corporation called Kitten Associates, Inc., “the NEW Breed of Cat Rescue.”


What started as a book project ended up changing her life and saving the lives of hundreds of cats across the country in less than two years since K.A. opened for business—and Olson has no plans of giving up any time soon. “As long as there’s a cat in need, I’ll be there to do what I can to help and continue to inspire others to do the same.”


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