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Raising Rama is a blog that chronicles the daily life of a Cane Corso named Rama as she learns, grows and blossoms into adulthood.

Rama’s Mama is a self-admitted long-time dog lover with a strong background in the pet care industry. She is a former obedience instructor, veterinary technician, pet retail sales associate and she has been active in rescue. She says she is often asked what a Cane Corso is. “I get this a lot when I answer the question “What kind of dog is that?” The Cane Corso is not a breed that is easily recognizable to most people in this country, as they didn’t come to the United States until the late ’80s. They actually have quite a long history in their native Italy. Once we get past the proper pronunciation (kah-nay kor-soh), people are often quite interested in chatting about this very unique and striking dog.”

According to the Raising Rama blog, the Cane Corso (also known as Cane Corso Italiano and Italian Mastiff) is a molosser. They are descended from the canis pugnax, or Roman war dog. They were very common in Italy in the distant past, used as personal bodyguards, carters, drovers and catch dogs.

“Food and dogs are two of my loves. Making food for my dogs has always been something I’ve loved to do,” Rama’s mom says, “ My husband has often chided me about hating cooking for the rest of the family but not seeming to mind quite so much when preparing meals for the dogs.”

A Corso In The Kitchen is the name of a book project Rama’s Mom is working on. She says she may begin a food-related post with this title. It may or may not be contained in the book. The project will not be limited to this one subject. Any developments will be posted on the blog, so fans are encouraged to check back back periodically for details on how to see your favorite Corso on a bookshelf near you!

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