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In June of 2009, Laurie Eno began The Daily Corgi with one goal:  tell true life Corgi stories.  One dog at a time, one day at a time, she soon learned that behind every Corgi is a person yearning to brag about their dog, and beyond that a lot of people the world over eager to read about it.
The blog is the result of her decades-long obsession with Welsh Corgis. Cardigan or Pembroke, tail or no tail, if the dog is a Corgi she’s hopelessly smitten and wants the world to know. With their laughing faces, lively minds and outsized personalities, these hard working, hard playing dogs are natural born blog stars.

Three years later, the blog and companion Facebook page form a dynamic community where people connect to raise funds for needy dogs, learn about the breeds, celebrate rescues, share stories and photos, and reach out to those welcoming a Corgi for the first time or saying goodbye for the last.

Most of all, they have fun. Plenty of fun with the mischief, love and joy that is uniquely Corgi.

Connect with Laurie, the Founder & Publisher of The Daily Corgi, at:

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