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Kelly Kaliszewski is the owner and founder of In February 2008 , Kelly was sitting in traffic on the freeway. She reports spending many years in a job that left her unfulfilled, not to mention those countless hours on the freeway to think. She dreamed of a change where she could combine her love for dogs and their well being, and tossed around many ideas, finally settling on marketing the tiny, all natural dog biscuit treats that she handmade for my own dogs. In order to sell lots of them, they were made very affordable, and Kelly donated a percentage of the proceeds to rescues. She combined her wish to help dogs with these tiny biscuits, and that was the beginning of Wishcuit. (rhymes with biscuit!) Kelly says, “I followed my heart and the rest as they say is how it was meant to be, or so I thought!”

Kelly reports that just days after leaving her job, the new endeavor came to a halt when her dog Cain was diagnosed with cancer. She put the little biscuits on hold, and spent precious moments being with her best friend. The duo became inseparable, and with all that she had ever taught Cain, Kelly says certainly taught me more. On November 12, 2009, Cain lost his battle with cancer, leaving a hole in Kelly’s heart and changing my life forever.


Wishcuit took on a whole new meaning for Kelly in early 2010, and she changed her focus to honor Cain. She embarked on a mission to raise funds to aid in finding a cure for canine cancer, while continuing to help rescues and organizations that support the health and welfare of dogs. Her pit bull, Zoey, joined her in 2011, and they advocate together through Love Adds Up for a Cure™, to spread awareness of canine cancer, while raising funds for the research and treatment of canine cancer, and non-profits that provide funding for families who cannot afford oncology treatment for the pets they share their lives with. “Without an ounce of trying, Zoey also shares her love and social prowess with everyone she meets, while helping to dispel the myths that surround pit bulls,” Kelly shares.

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