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CJ Jackson is an ordinary person who has led an extraordinary life because of “My Favorite Pup Jasmine”.  Jasmine is happy 6-year-old Havanese, and most well-known for her YouTube video “Dog Goes Shopping.”  She knows over 100 tricks, and has been featured on television numerous times in the United States, Japan, and England.  Her most recent accomplishments include appearances on “Anderson Cooper”, “Right This Minute”, and “Good Morning America.”
In April 2012, she was chosen as a finalist on Animal Planet’s new show “Who Let the Dogs Out”, and traveled to California to perform live at Universal Studios.
Soon after in May 2012, Jasmine was chosen as a finalist on Good Morning America’s “Dog vs. Dog” competition.  CJ and Jasmine flew to New York to perform live at Times Square.  Sometimes it’s hard for CJ to keep up with Jasmine’s busy schedule.
Jasmine loves to do tricks.  She always wants to practice, because that’s how she earns good treats.  She is clicker trained, which uses positive reinforcement.  Jasmine also does commercials and photo-shoots.  In addition, they regularly volunteer at a children’s hospital.  The kids adore Jasmine, and she loves the attention.  So, it’s a win-win. Jasmine’s motto is: Live life with enthusiasm!
CJ had no idea when she got her sweet little pup where this would all lead.  She had never trained a dog before, they just learned together.  And now, she’s an author, a trick dog trainer, treat-giver, and dog chauffeur… all because of “My Favorite Pup Jasmine”.
CJ writes about all of Jasmine’s adventures on her blog, “My Favorite Pup” (, and is a freelance author for “Havanese Breed Magazine”.
You can be friends with My Favorite Pup Jasmine on Facebook (,  Twitter (@MyFavPupJasmine), or watch all her fun tricks on YouTube (

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