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Chloe DiVita, is a blogger and touted as the COE (Chief of Everything!) of BlogPaws.
She has has been a pet lover all her life. From preferring to hang with the pets in any household that had them to attempting to rescue any animal that crossed her path – including mice and birds that her cat would bring home, she thought for many years that she would grow up to be a Veterinarian. Then she learned that being a Vet included having to do surgery on pets and not just cuddle with them.
Her resident Greyhound, Twiggy, tends to run the household while Onyx, her Shih Tzu Pit Bull mix, is her shadow following her everywhere. Chloe graduated from Regis University with a Bachelors degree in Accounting while running her own accounting company, DiVita & Associates, Inc., which she started 10 years ago.
As the COE of BlogPaws, LLC Chloe assists with the accounting, budgeting, project management, sales, business development, marketing, blogging, and more.  She contributes to the BlogPaws blog and writes her own blog, Snotface and Twiggy, as well as contributing to her daughter’s blog, Start The Change.
Pets, pet welfare, pet education and anything pet related are Chloe’s passions, and she is enjoying every minute of working with such a wonderful community at BlogPaws.  BlogPaws 2012 takes place in June in Salt Lake City. BlogPaws is dedicated to pet writers/bloggers, pet lovers, pet people on Twitter and Facebook and brands eager to tap into a growing, vibrant, vocal community of serious writers, bloggers, tweeters. Hundreds expected to attend once again.
Connect with Chloe on the BlogPaws blog,,  on her pet blog,, and also the Start the Change blog,

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