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Annette Vivian is the blogging force behind Snoopy’s Dog Blog. Originally from the Isle of Man, she settled in California a few years ago to be with her husband Mark, whom she married in 2010.
Vivian writes in the voice of her Bearded Collie, Snoopy, who says, “My mum has spent most of her life working in Finance in a number of places around the world and has travelled extensively.”
Snoopy’s Dog Blog was started initially to let Vivian’s nephews James, 14,  and Bradley, 10,  follow the antics of Snoopy, since her nephews live in the United Kingdom. As Snoopy tells it, “They needed cheering up as they’d just lost their Dad (Mum’s wonderful brother) in a traffic accident.  This accident had a devastating effect on the whole family.  It has made Mum appreciate even more how precious life is and how important it is to be thankful, have fun and be happy.  Mum says I’ve been like a therapy Dog to her even before I qualified as an official Therapy Dog.”
Vivian has also done a few blog posts herself (in her voice) on some other sites including- Pawpurrry and Coffee with a Canine. She’s now pursuing her passion of writing and is currently working on a dog novel and a children’s book series.
Vivian is one of the two grand prize winners in this year’s BlogPaws and PetSmart Build a Blog Contest. The two pet blog winners will be working with PetSmart on the Build a Business Blog program, during which they will learn how to turn a blog into an online business.  The resulting case study will be showcased at the BlogPaws 2012 conference in June. Prize package includes conference calls, homework assignments, coaching and more.

Write to Snoopy (and Annette) at and check out their blog,

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