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Amy Casner, aka Jo, is an aspiring journalist who developed a fascination for ferrets after receiving her first one as a gift eleven years ago.  Ferret math took over and she was surrounded by nine bouncing, chittering, mischievous balls of fur making her laugh with their antics.
After finding out that one of her ferrets was deaf, Amy started to learn more about ferrets and found a lot of misinformation about ferrets on the internet and in the general population. This encouraged her to author her blog Enlightened Ferret where she talked about her own experiences with ferret ownership and the research she has done. She posts about adoptable ferrets twice a week from the Petfinder site.
Amy’s original nine have crossed over the rainbow bridge. She is now owned by two ferrets that help her speak in public about her love of these furry little guys. Manny and Marcuz have their own facebook page called Enlightened Ferret Travels and it is from their point of view. They traveled to the Blog Paws conference in 2011 where they met a lot of people and other animals.
Amy tweets as @informedferret and posts a daily #FerretFact around 12:10 pm EST. Amy has become very knowledgeable about ferrets and is constantly learning more about them. She continually promotes responsible ferret ownership through her blog and everywhere she goes with her boys.  Amy supports Hearts of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association on her blog and through the use of twitter parties in January, June, and November.
Recently Amy started making specialty clothing for ferrets and started selling the items on Etsy by the same name as her blog.
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