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Community-based website,, has launched for owners of dogs that are blind or visually impaired. The site is designed as a safe haven for blind dog owners but also serves to provide information for owners to help manage and adapt to their blind dog’s condition.

Site owner Paula Carnogoy, whose dog Lucy lost an eye to glaucoma and is blind in the second eye, stated, “Many people think that when a dog loses its sight it needs to be put to sleep, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that thousands of dogs all over the world live quite happily without their vision and their owners cope very well.”

Pet owners whose dogs have vision issues or are blind can sign up to connect with other blind dog owners add updates of their dogs progress in addition to uploading photos and videos.

The site has been designed to allow blind dog owners interaction on a smaller scale while allowing questions and comments on the website’s forum.

“Our goal at is to develop a community where people with blind or visually impaired dogs can come to when they need questions answered or just a little support during a difficult time,” Wanda Sowden, co-owner of the site, shared. “The information on the site will give them everything they need to know to feel empowered and confident to look after their dog. And we will be there to support them.”

An added feature of the website is their blog section, where members can post their stories. The main goal of the site, according to its founders, is to make living with a blind dog easy. was developed by a full-time blogger and owner of a blind dog. For more information, visit

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