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SenesTech Inc., an Arizona biotech company focused on humane animal population management, has developed a birth control option for dogs called Chemspay. Dr. Loretta Mayer developed the drug that can be administered orally or injected.

The pill is a big deal for animal control and pet owners alleviating costs of spaying surgeries. Trials of the drug were conducted from 2004 to 2008. Mayer plans to continue research in India to slow the feral dog population, a major problem in the country. “This technology, if successful, will really have a huge impact on unwanted dog populations,” says Mayer.

Americans may not see the Chemspay at their veterinarian clinics for another twelve years. Chemspay will begin undergoing FDA trials in three years and the whole process can take six to nine years. “There is a very long timeline in this project,” Mayer says. “Each and every one of our products takes years to develop.”

Chemspay works by inducing menopause in dogs and lowering the amount of eggs to a point that makes reproduction impossible. “I would really like to see us do things that improve our environment and are compassionate to other beings,” Mayer says. “My passion, without question, is to stop killing animals, however we might do that.”

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