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CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply, Steven Spitz, recently toured Acrylic Aquariums in Las Vegas, Nevada. Acrylic Aquariums is the retail store, design center and warehouse of Brett, Wayde, and General, stars of Animal Planet’s series, Tanked.


During the visit, Spitz was able to obtain an interview with one of the stars, “The General,” from his office.  The video from Spitz’s visit depicts the importance of education as it pertains to marine life and nature and allows viewers to go behind the scenes for a more in-depth portrait of Tanked’s stars.

“It was a great experience for me, ATM is run by amazing people and the staff are just wonderful,” said Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply. “I was able to see up-close how what a beautiful, close-knit family they are and how much they love what they are doing. I met the most knowledgeable 6 year old who led me around, gave me an education on marine life and totally drove home the importance of teaching children about nature and providing hands-on learning for them.”


Big Apple Pet Supply was formed in New York City in 1994. After researching how to care for pets properly, the company began sharing its over 100,000 deep customer base with an expansive selection of pet products and expert advice.


As a retailer and manufacturer of high-quality pet supplies for reptiles, dogs, cats, fish and small pets, Big Apple Pet Supply ships products worldwide including to museums, zoos and educational institutions. They are committed to bringing innovative and superior supplies to the world of animals and to the people who love them.


To view the exclusive interview with the stars of “Tanked”, go to: Further information about Big Apple Pet Supply may be found at

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