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On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, animal lover and advocate, Betty White, was the recipient of this year’s Friars Club Roastat the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. Each year, the Friars roast one of their members at a luncheon filled with humor, laughter, memories, and fun, sometimes bawdy, quips and orations.


As a guest of Natures Variety, Carol Bryant and BlogPaws covered the event in-person and report that Betty White was lively, witty, and a delightful animal loving guest of honor. Seated at the head tables with celebrities including Matt Lauer, Katie Courie, Larry King, Liza Minelli, Valerie Bertinelli, Lisa Lampanelli, Regis Philbin, and more, roastmaster Barbara Walters MC’d the event and delighted the over 1,000 attendees with her poised, calm, and sharp delivery.


Spotlighting-grabbing Jack Russell terrier and co-star of the Oscar-winning movie, The Artist, Uggie and his trainer, Omar Von Muller, were seated next to Valerie Harper, whom many will remember as television’s beloved Rhoda. Barbara Walters “interviewed” Uggie, who was a very reciprocating interviewee (and attention getter).


At the after party hosted by the Friars Club, Bryant had the opportunity to interview von Muller, who reported that he and Uggie have a book coming out this fall. Paparazzi gathered around the coveted canine, who posed spokesdog style amidst the new line of Natures Variety products.


During the after party which included the likes of The Office’s Oscar Nunez, famed interviewer Dick Cavett, and more, the television show The Cake Boss was filming a segment in the Frank Sinatra Dining Room on level one of the building. A resplendent like-life cake of Betty White was wheeled into the room for awaiting guests.


An afternoon of double entredees, wit, one-liners, and celebration occurred, all in the name of a woman who has written about animals, has become synonymous with helping pets in needs as much as she has her stellar career, and judging by the warmth of the crowd, this is one roast that will be remembered long after the spotlights go dim.

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