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LOS ANGELES (February 20, 2014) – Keys, wallet, phone. Dog? More and more people view their dog as a necessity when on the go. But how does one know which are the best places to take their dog and which will make them leave Fido out in the cold? Jonathan Kolker, Gareth Wilson, Richard Lung and Guillermo Flores are solving that problem – all within a rich and rewarding social experience. The company they founded, BetterPet, Inc., has released Dog Land, a new iPhone app for dogs and the people who love them.

Dog Land allows users to share photos, as well as find and vote on dog-friendly locations in their area. Users can “mark their territory” at places in categories such as dog parks and hotels, as well as “dig” content that they like.

The idea first came about after Kolker, BetterPet, Inc.’s CEO, got an energetic Cocker Spaniel named Eddie. While exploring Los Angeles with his new best friend, Kolker was curious as to what were the most dog friendly places in the city. It was at that point that President & Creative Director Wilson, Kolker’s childhood friend, suggested that the two partner up and create a social network for dog lovers where users could not only connect with one another, but also find and vote on dog friendly places around the world.

“We envisioned an app that would be the mobile destination for dog lovers everywhere,” Wilson said. CTO Lung describes Dog Land as “The place to share your life with your dog.” Lead Developer Flores adds, “Dog Land works so well because it provides a social networking experience with the unique hook of finding and voting on whether a place is dog friendly.”

The team says that they hope “Doglandians,” the term they use for those who use Dog Land, will find that the app not only strengthens the bond between themselves and their dogs, but also helps connect the passionate community of dog lovers both locally and globally.

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