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Bayer HealthCare, LLC’s Animal Health Division announced the launch of its “Lost Pet Alert Network,” a virtual community of vet clinics, pet owners, and animal shelters designed to share information about lost pets and quickly reunite them with owners.


The Bayer Group is global and is composed of sectors in health care, nutrition, and high-tech materials. Bayer Healthcare is a subdivision of Bayer AG and aims to discover and manufacture products for human and animal health improvements worldwide.


Pet owners log onto one section of the website to register their pet while pet healthcare providers, i.e. clinics and shelters, enroll on a separate section. With an estimated 70 million stray cats, between five and seven million companion animals are processed at animal shelters every year. It is reported that three to four million of these animals (60 percent dogs and 70 percent cats) are euthanized yearly. United States animal shelters report that 21.9 percent of stray dogs and 1.8 percent of stray cats are generally reunited with their owners.


Through the network created by Bayer HealthCare, registrants can develop “lost” pet posters should their animal go missing and have alerts sent out via Facebook, Twitter, and to other pet others who have opted into the network’s system.


Abbie Moore, executive director of, stated, “The mission of is to put pets into homes, while the ‘Lost Pet Alert Network’ helps to get them back and keep them in homes.” Touted as being good for both owner and the shelter system, the network’s goal is to reunite lost pets with owners.


Bayer has also distributed Linked for Life kits to participating veterinary clinics which feature educational materials for pet owners encouraging the use of a microchip such as Bayer’s resQ. Each kit distributed also contains a dog model implanted with the microchip along with cause awareness bracelets.


Further information about the Lost Pet Alert Network can be found at Learn about Bayer Healthcare by visiting

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