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Banfield Pet Hospital and Animal Planet expert trainer, Victoria Stilwell, are reaching out to cat owners in what they are calling an “inFURvention” to help combat the difficulties experienced getting their cat in a carrier to take to the veterinarian.

Banfield Pet Hospital is touted as the world’s largest veterinary practice. Together with Victoria Stilwell, cat owners are being asked to upload real-life struggles and attempts via video to enter the contest. Up for grabs is a year’s worth of free preventative veterinary care and an in-home visit and training consultation from Stilwell.

Famed pet trainer, Victoria Stilwell, reported, “Pet owners don’t have to be a professional in order to train their cats to get into the carrier. All it takes is some practice and simple changes in behavior and cat-fights will soon be a thing of the past!”

Beginning on Wednesday, July 18 and continuing through Friday, August 17, pet owners can upload their videos and tag them with “#inFURvention” to be considered in need of an “inFURvention” from Stilwell.

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, chief medical officer for Banfield Pet Hospital, shared, “One of the biggest barriers to cats receiving veterinary care is actually getting them to the hospital. Unfortunately, cats typically don’t show signs of illness until it is too late; therefore it is important for cats to receive twice-yearly veterinary visits in order to prevent, as well as diagnose and treat illnesses before it’s too late.”

Banfield was found in 1955 in Portland, Oregon, and is the largest veterinary practice in the world. They joined the Mars, Inc. company and have over 2,600 veterinarians working in 800 hospitals nationwide. For more information about Banfield, visit

For more about Victoria Stilwell, visit and

Cat videos may be uploaded to

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