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Living Years Pets has developed a specially branded website for All Paws Pet Talk Radio, the nation’s largest pet radio station, with millions of listeners. Living Years Pets provides an inventory-free, risk-free way for pet businesses to create their own branded, feature-rich online community that generates substantial incremental revenue from customer-paid subscription fees.

All Paws Pet Talk Radio president Jack Guberman commented, “We now have our own branded pet website–Lifebooks–that we offer to our listeners without inventory or risk, as it was free to set up. We expect growing profits and support to selected pet charities. Users create a website for their pet and then interact with their vast networks. Lifebooks are free to try and we get 50-percent of the $29.95 annual subscription fee.”
Living Years is a private Australian company with deep expertise in product innovation and social media networking.  The company specializes in the creation of Lifebooks, advertising-free websites for pets that have passed.


Lifebooks are online websites that allow family and friends to record and celebrate the life of a beloved pet in a way that has not been possible until now. A Lifebook is your own personal website where photos, thoughtful comments, stories, videos and more, can be shared on a dedicated site.   For more information, visit

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