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On June 12 and June 13, 2012, Dr. Shelby Neely, aka “The Cat Doctor” will appear on The Balancing Acttelevision show, which airs on Lifetime Television. The show is geared at inspiring and empowering women with entertaining and educational segments.
Dr. Neely plans to discuss the topic of grooming pets and will be highlighting the FURminator deshedding tool and the company’s other in-home grooming products. The first segment will air on June 12 and will focus on allergies people have to pets.
According to Dr. Neely, “During my 20 years of practice, I have often received a call from a cat owner who has been diagnosed with allergies and told by their dermatologist to get rid of the cat. I’m not telling you to ignore your dermatologist’s advice. However, I have seen many cat owners with fairly severe cat allergy symptoms learn to live very comfortably with their pets.”
In her second segment on June 13, Dr. Neely will be visiting a Florida animal shelter and focus on preventing, instead of treating, cat hairballs. Dr.  Neely wrote for the Cat Fanciers Association, “While hairballs can be harmless, they often are a source of real discomfort for your cat, leading to vomiting, constipation or even intestinal obstructions, requiring surgery.”
Local listings will provide information about the show’s airing but it is planned to air on June 12 and 13 at 7 a.m. EST.
Dr. Neely has been writing for since 2007 and has provided over 1,000 pages regarding cat health and answers to readers’ questions. With a focus on feline illnesses, symptoms, and behavior problems, cat owners from over 150 countries have visited the site.
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