The Pet Industry's Leading Resource for News & Content Distribution, a pet shipping service that began in 1992, recently announced they are offering financing options to assist pet owners in moving their pet anywhere around the globe. Providing door-to-door pet transport services, the company has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and in 2012, Seattle.

After paying a small amount down, the balance for the transaction can be financed through Animal Away’s in-house finance department, according to the company. They also state that people with fair credit and employment are eligible for approval.

“There has been a need for this in the pet transport industry for quite some time. We have had requests for a payment plan or finance option from our clients for years,” Anthony Denicker CEO,, says.

Services include home pickups and deliveries, door-to-door worldwide service, domestic and international documentation and health certificates, USDA services, consulate services, boarding services worldwide, veterinary services, and all aspects of pet transport.

Pets must have an IATA travel-approved shipping kennel with water bowl and be able to stand up and turn around without slouching in order to be considered for transport with A health certificate dated within 10 days of travel is required for domestic and international pet travel.

International pet shipping requires proof of rabies vaccination older than 30 days and less than one year, as required by most foreign countries. Specific country requirements can be ascertained by contacting

The goal of financing, according to, is flexibility in terms and options offered that will make the entire process much easier for consumers to utilize.

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