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Animal Planet debuts a new show on its network that focuses totally on pet taxidermy. Titled American Stuffers, the show depicts the work of Daniel Ross, a taxidermist, and his family-run business in the backwoods of Romance, Arkansas.


Much of the series is to focus on the people themselves and the drama that unfolds with owning an off-beat yet tightly run family business. American Stuffers premiered on Animal Planet channel on Thursday, January 5, at 10 pm EST.


During the show, the inner workings of the shop Xtreme Taxidermy are revealed. Owner Daniel Ross and his team are shown creating realistic artistic cherished pieces so that science and art are merged as one. Viewers can be expected to see Ross console customers, including a woman who brings her pet raccoon to the shop for services.


Daniel’s wife, LaDawn, is responsible for handling the books for the business along with helping to raise their three sons, who also help out in the shop. During the season, a tornado raged into the town and viewers will be reliving the moments with the family and crew.

As of this writing, the series is slated to run through February 23, 2012.


Learn more about the show and the episodes by visiting the show site.

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