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Animal Cell Therapies (ACT), Inc., a company founded in 2008 in San Diego, California, has announced the appointment of Leo T. Furcht, M.D., to its Board of Directors.

ACT is a regenerative veterinarian medicine company in its early stages. Their mission is to deliver a new frontier of stem cell therapies for canine orthopedic condition treatment. According to the company, the approach will allow them to decrease cost, reduce pain, increase efficacy of treatment, and be performed efficiently from an outpatient setting.

Adam Irving, chief executive officer of Animal Cell Therapies, shared, “The addition of Dr. Furcht to our Board of Directors brings tremendous value. He has published over 175 scientific papers, developed 30 plus patents and founded a number of companies. Dr. Furcht is an excellent complement to our plan.”

Dr. Furcht has co-authored a book, The Stem Cell Dilemma, and holds several key patents in the adult stem cell field. He has developed numerous businesses including MCL, a stem cell company that utilizes adult stem cells as effective replacements for embryonic stem cells. He also was co-founder of a medical device company, South Bay Medical, which was acquired by Mentor Corporation in 2001.

Also serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors for University of Minnesota Physicians, Dr. Furcht is the founding director of the Biomedical Engineering Center of the University of Minnesota. He hails from New York where he obtained his undergraduate degree and did his pre-med work at Columbia University. Upon graduating with his MD from SUNY Upstate, he did his residency training at the University of Minnesota and has been on the faculty there since.

Kathy Petrucci, founder and chief medical offer of Animal Cell Therapies, reported, ““Dr. Furcht’s combination of scientific and business experience along with stem cell expertise will be invaluable to the future of Animal Cell Therapies.”

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