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Dr. Marty Becker, best-selling author, syndicated pet columnist, and frequent media guest, recently issued a call-out to veterinarians: provide safe and credible information to clients.

During a recent conference at CVC in San Diego, Dr. Becker addressed a group of over 150 veterinarians in attendance, stating, “”The Internet is the most powerful tool of mass communication handed to human beings since the printing press, and I’m here today to tell you that if we ignore this power, we miss this wave, at our own peril.”


In his speech, Becker related to veterinarians that the Internet must be reclaimed through steady, deliberate education to pet owners. He reported that communication between vets and their clients that will ultimately improve pets’ health. Occupying the Internet to build credible information pet owners may use in the care of their animals is key, according to Becker.


One of the statistics shared included more than 75 percent of pet owners using the Internet to glean information about pet health. Pet parents, Becker shared, tend to turn to the Internet before calling to make a veterinary appointment. Misinformation is dangerous to pets and many false Internet-based recommendations have led to pet fatalities.


A key component of correspondence is e-mail. Becker conveyed, “How important is e-mail? Ask yourself if you would rather get a voicemail or e-mail. If you say e-mail, you’re in good company. In fact, a study by Harris International suggests that seven out of 10 respondents told the pollsters they do not mind being contacted by work while on vacation. And nearly six in 10 say they prefer to be interrupted on vacation by e-mail. That’s saying something.”


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