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Deadlines are approaching for interested parties to partake in ad space for pet expos in a variety of cities. Hosted by Amazing Pet Expos, ad space is available for programs in San Antonio, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, Orlando, St. Louis, and New England.
According to the Amazing Pet Expos website, over 120,000 people attended their expos in 2011. Their 2012 expo spokesperson is “Pit Boss” Shorty Rossi. There is no charge for people to attend the expos and pets are welcome.

According to the organizers, multiple show ad discounts are available along with multiple rates and sizes in full color.

Expos remaining for 2012 include Windy City Pet Expo (Chicago, Illinois), San Antonio Pet Expo (Texas), Denver Pet Expo (Colorado), New England Pet Expo (Boston, Massachusetts), Austin Pet Expo (Texas), St. Louis Pet Expo (Missouri), Atlanta Pet Expo (Georgia), Tampa Bay Pet Expo (Tampa, Florida), Dallas Pet Expo (Texas), Steel City (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Anchorage Pet Expo (Alaska) and Portland Pet Expo (Oregon).

Pets are welcome to attend Amazing Pet Expos with their owners and there is no admission fee. Contact demographic information is provided to all exhibitors based on attendee registration for prizes and giveaways at the events. Exhibitors are also allowed to collect contact information at their own booths.

Amazing Pet Expos use a combination of advertising methods including television, print, radio, billboard, and grassroots. The grassroots campaigns are done via Facebook, social media, local networks, pet owners, rescue groups, and street teams. Another grassroots campaign involves giving a year’s worth of pet food to a non-profit rescue group that generates the most traffic to the expo.

Amazing Pet Expos is a company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that organizes and produces annual pet expos and has expanded to 19 total cities in 2012.

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