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Alley Cat Advocates, a Kentucky-based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the local population of stray cats, said they expect to sterilize their 20,000th cat since 2000 at an event called The Big Fix slated for Aug. 26-28.

The Big Fix weekend start Friday night when the agency hands out about 200 or so traps to people who have encountered stray cats in backyards, barns, sheds and alleys in the Louisville, Ky. area.  The program will be centered in a warehouse at 1506 W. Main St. More than 150 stray cats expected to be spayed or neutered on Aug. 28.

“While we know that much work remains, we are proud of our efforts to reduce the number of cats and kittens in our community,” said Karen Little, Alley Cat Advocates’  executive director and co-founder.

Indicative of the extent of the cat overpopulation problem, Little said the agency has a four-month waiting list to sterilize more than 2,000 cats. For information about Alley Cat Advocates go to

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