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The founders of All American Pet Company,Inc., (AAPT) Lisa Bershan and Barry Schwartz, announced recently that they have executed a $1 million dollar convertible promissory note with the company so that they can strengthen and improve their financial position.
AAPT is a public company that incorporated in February of 2003. With offices in Beverly Hills, California, they produce, market, and sell premium dog food under the brands Grr-nola Natural Dog Food and Bow Wow Breakfast Food for Dogs. They are planning to add a line of supplements, electrolytes, and rehydration products for dogs in the future.
Recently, AAPT attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, where they introduced the PAWITIZER, antibacterial paw wipes. The company reported that many distributors and independent pet product retailers are sampling the 8 ounce spray and both 45- and 100-count paw wipes. According to Bershan, “Without hesitation, everyone understood that there are as many germs on paws as there are on hands, and alcohol free PAWTIZER, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on dogs paws, is the solution to protect family and friends.”
Regarding the execution of the $1 million dollar note, it will accrue at a fixed interest rate equivalent to 10 percent per annum and may be converted to the company’s common stock at the fair market value if done so by March 6, 2013, at the lender’s discretion. Note proceeds would be used for general working capital.
AAPT is approved as a vendor in over 12,000 stores such as mass merchants, drug store chains, and supermarkets. Trading under the stock symbol AAPT.PK, All American Pet Company partnered with Walt Disney Company in the past to give samples away during the 3D premiere of the movie, “Up.” Over 350,000 movie attendees received samples, and the company reports that national press and television coverage ensued.
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