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Alison Sweeney, host of NBC’s hit television show, The Biggest Loser, along with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and makers of Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods, recently announced the kick off of the Million Pound Pledge, a call-to-action for pet owners across the United States to help their dogs and cats lose weight and get healthy.


“Living a healthy lifestyle is important for my family and that includes my dog,” said Alison Sweeney. “One out of every two pets is overweight, and my dog Winky was one of them.  I started using Science Diet pet foods to help Winky lose weight and now I want to share my personal experience to inspire owners across America so they too can achieve the same success.”


The campaign runs through March 30, 2012 and pet parents may take the Million Pound Pledge by visiting All those who pledge will have the opportunity to meet Alison at the finale of The Biggest Loser this May.


In conjunction with the pledge, participating pet owners will have access to a support system including two live video chat sessions with Alison Sweeney on the Hill’s Science Diet Facebook page to share pet weight loss stories. This will take place between January 26 and March 20, with more information available on the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Facebook page. In addition, cat and weight loss tips from Sweeney will be provided, an interactive body condition scoring, weight and treat comparisons for pets, rebates on Hill’s products, and more.


It was revealed as part of the launch that 54 percent of America’s pets are overweight, putting them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and a shortened life span. In terms of survey results, the chubbiest pet cities were Los Angeles at number one, followed by Washington D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.


Learn more about the pledge by visiting and Hill’s at

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