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LAS VEGAS (March 3, 2014)Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC (Pets Best), a leading U.S. pet insurance agency, has named Dr. Sarah Coburn the 2013 grand prize winner of its nationwide My Vet’s the Best contest. Dr. Coburn practices at North Slope Borough Veterinary Clinic in Barrow, Alaska, which is the sole source of veterinary care within an 89,000-square-mile area.

Pets Best created the My Vet’s the Best contest in 2010 to recognize outstanding veterinarians and provide funding for the treatment of animals in need. The agency awards several seasonal winners each year and announces one annual grand prize winner during the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. Nearly 1,000 veterinarians received nominations from grateful pet owners during the 2013 contest.

Dr. Jack Stephens, president and founder of Pets Best Insurance, announced Dr. Coburn as the grand prize winner today at the Western Veterinary Conference. Dr. Coburn, who was selected from a group of 24 grand prize finalists across the U.S., received a check for $1,000 to support her ongoing efforts to address animal health issues in her region. Dr. Coburn said she plans to use the prize money to provide shelter and insulation for outdoor dogs that otherwise would not have protection from the frigid arctic weather.

“Pets Best received an overwhelming number of nominations for highly qualified veterinarians this year, but the story of Dr. Coburn’s efforts to care for animals in a remote area of Alaska was incredibly compelling,” Dr. Stephens said. “We believe the entire nation should be aware of her selfless commitment to treating animals under extremely demanding circumstances.”

Dr. Coburn practices at a clinic in the northernmost town in the U.S. that overlooks the Arctic Ocean and is accessible only by plane. Facing extreme weather while traveling to remote areas, Dr. Coburn overcomes a host of challenges to treat local animals.

With no private veterinary practices in the region, Dr. Coburn’s clinic is funded by the North Slope Borough government, requiring her to offer a wide variety of services. She regularly takes flights to several surrounding villages to provide veterinary services, including rabies shots and spaying and neutering. When animals experience emergencies, owners typically fly their pets to the clinic.

“I believe I won My Vet’s the Best because our situation and remoteness here is so different from what most other veterinarians face,” Dr. Coburn said. “It’s a challenge, but it’s interesting every day. Since it’s an area that can’t support a private vet, I’m glad to provide a service that otherwise wouldn’t be here. It’s a lot of variety, and it’s very rewarding.”

In addition to treating household pets, Dr. Coburn has also treated a wide range of wildlife, including birds, snowy owls and walruses. She is scheduled to assist the veterinary team dedicated to examining and treating dogs this year during the world-famous Iditarod dog sled race. With such limited public health resources in the area, Dr. Coburn even assists state health inspectors with inspections at local restaurants. Coburn has a master’s degree in clinical sciences and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University.

Dr. Coburn received multiple nominations for My Vet’s the Best in 2013, and she frequently receives praise from pet owners who could not provide care for their animals without her.

“Dr. Coburn is the kindest, most compassionate animal lover I know,” pet owner Beckie Campbell wrote in her nomination entry for Dr. Coburn. “She flies out to the smaller villages here on the North Slope in small planes, sometimes in bad weather, to give her skill, care and kindness to all the animals. She has some amazing and heart-wrenching rescue stories. She is an animal angel.”

In 2010, Pets Best became the nation’s first pet insurance agency to develop a contest aimed at recognizing the country’s best veterinarians. While voting for the contest’s seasonal winners is open to the public through the Pets Best website and Facebook page, each year’s grand prize winner is selected by an internal review panel comprised of respected veterinary professionals. The grand prize winner receives $1,000 to treat animals in need, as well as a trip for two to the Western Veterinary Conference.

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