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A line of interactive bowls for dogs and cats has been introduced in the United States by AIKIOU.

The company has received the Animal Wellness seal of approval, Backer’s Best in Show award at Global 2012, one of the best products of 2011 on Good Morning America, and third place choice of the merchants at Global Pet Expo 2012.

The new line of products includes the AIKIOU, AIKIOU Junior and the AIKIOU Stimulo for Cats. The AIKIOU is an interactive plastic feeder with separate compartments to encourage slower eating. By eating slower, dogs can reduce digestive problems. According to the company, the product can be used with wet or dry feed and has an anti-slip base.

The bowl is made of strong, food-grade plastic and designed for all dog breeds and sizes and is suitable for cats as well. The product is touted as allowing pets to have fun with food and decreasing digestive problems.

As part of their shelter program, AIKIOU gives a bowl to a shelter for every 100 LIKES they receive on Facebook.

The bowl creator, Kathleen Desrosiers, shared, “As we all know, dogs and cats have to find their food in nature, this activity is part of their natural behavior. With domestication, we improved the lives of those pets with our standards but forgot about their natural needs, food search being one of them.”

The bowls are designed as activity centers and started in 2008. AIKIOU is a Canadian company that released the bowl to use their minds and have a life of new experiences.

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