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With the funding for shelters decreasing and the demand for them increasing, a solution simply had to be found.  Chris Ruben, founder and CEO of, came up with a solution.  He has combined the increase in online shopping with donating.  Donating to a shelter is literally a click away.


Instead of going right to the website you wish to buy from, you would go to first.  There, you choose a shelter or rescue organization, which are listed alphabetically or can be searched by state, to donate to.  After you’ve chosen your organization, you find the store you wish to buy from and it will redirect you to that site.  After your purchase has gone through, a certain percentage of your total purchase will be donated to your organization.  They do not require a log in or gathering of any personal information.  It is that easy.


On their website, also offers news, a blog and education on animal welfare.  Their Pet Parents Resources tab offers advice and tips on common pet problems, such as eliminating the destruction of furniture, treating a pet sprayed by a skunk or evacuating your pet during a catastrophe.

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