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Fenton Mich. Adopt-A-Pet center is doubling the capacity of the building to accept more animals and offer better services. A non-profit animal rescue group is helping to raise funds for the project.

A large amount of funding is still needed to complete the facility’s development. So far they have raised $62,000 and still need another $120,000. Once the expansion is complete the shelter could house up to 15 dogs and five litters of puppies.

“There’s so many animals that we have to turn down every day. We’re very eager to get started,” said Program Director Jody Maddock.

The center has been in operation and serving the area for 30 years. The group also takes in adoptable animals from other shelters that are in danger of being euthanized and have the resources to foster up to 20 dogs.

Individuals or businesses interested in sponsoring a room, can contact Program Director Jody Maddock at 248-736-8599.

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