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Abaxis, Inc., a medical products company manufacturing point-of-care blood analysis system, announced that Abaxis Veterinary Reference Laboratories (AVRL), is fully operational and is both accepting and processing samples nationwide.

Abaxis, with the addition of AVRL, is able to offer veterinarians a full-service commercial laboratory on a nationwide basis. The laboratory will have a focus on specialty and esoteric testing and analysis which today cannot typically be conducted at the point-of-care.

Clint Severson, chairman and chief executive officer of Abaxis, commented, “The investment in AVRL, with our first facility in the Kansas City area fully operational on a nationwide scale today, is a testament to the forward thinking individuals and competencies of this whole organization. We will continue to invest in the expansion of AVRL and other opportunistic ventures, expanding our footprint in the animal health industry in North America and worldwide.”

This new service will complement the Abaxis provision of a full suite of on-site laboratory instrumentation and rapid diagnostics for in-hospital routine, critical care and emergency medicine laboratory needs. AVRL provides comprehensive, reliable, accurate and competitively priced specialty testing and routine laboratory services, along with extensive consultation and case management services from experts across many disciplines, both through its partnership at Kansas State University and a network of veterinary professionals and consultants nationwide.

Martin Mulroy, Abaxis’ corporate vice president of sales and marketing for North American Animal Health added, “Over two years in the making, I am pleased to report AVRL performed flawlessly in our September test market program and all systems are operational. The development of a new business takes a highly dedicated and focused group of seasoned professionals. ┬áIt was an expansive team contributing to the successful build of this new business for Abaxis; from our executives in Olathe, Kansas led by Mark Patterson, AVRL Division president, and the Abaxis corporate team led by Michael Solomon, director of business development for North American Animal Health. I would also like to thank our partners at Kansas State University, Dean Ralph Richardson and all the individuals there that made this a reality.”

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