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PetEdge Inc., and Genius Crowds have entered into a licensing agreement to develop the first crowd-sourced pet product on the market.

PetEdge was founded by Loeb Katz in 1956 as the New England Serum Company, which provided serums to local dairy farms in the Topsfield, Massachusetts area. The company continued to grow and expanded their product line to include pet products, with their first product flyer sent out in1968.

After nearly a half century as the New England Serum Company, they changed their name to PetEdge in the fall of 2002. They are now a global manufacturer and distributor of professional pet care equipment and supplies.

Genius Crowds is founded with the principles of collaboration and sharing. They are a platform for “everyday” people who have an idea and are unsure how to bring it to market. Genius Crowds develops them into commercial ideas with the potential for big market profit. Genius Crowd creators share in profits.

Serving as a platform for consumers, Genius Crowds touts itself on bringing good ideas to market, reducing the cost of manufacturers’ research and design, and helping to cultivate bonds with customers.

PetEdge will license the first product, The Speed Bather, from Genius Crowds. Carla Leming, Speed Bather designer, conceived of the idea for her own dog as a way to get excess water off him after a bath.

CJ Kettler, CEO of Genius Crowds, shared, “We are thrilled to partner with PetEdge on our first pet product. Pet Edge recognizes the value of crowd sourcing, and is committed to maintaining the open dialogue with customers about their product needs through this kind of idea exchange.”

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The official website of Genius Crowds is

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