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Stand Out From the Pack at Your Next Tradeshow

Tradeshows can represent a major investment for your company. Renting a booth, pipe and drape, and designing and buying eye-catching displays can be a major outlay of capital, not to mention time spent by you and your staff in preparation. But tradeshows are important places to see and be seen by existing and potential business partners, as well as media.

Done correctly, tradeshow promotion can increase the productivity and profit of your company via a steady stream of buyers, partner vendors, retailers and trade reporters. A healthy mix of traffic to your booth can boost sales and awareness of both your brand and your products, allowing you to expand your product line and distribution network.

Here are three tips on what you can do to attract the most attendees to your booth


  • Press Kits for the press room are essential if one of your goals at the show is to meet with interested media. An eye-catching, attractively packaged Press Kit will make yours stand out from the traditional paper press releases shoved in a holding bin. Consider fun packaging or going paperless with drives attached to one of your smaller products to help drive media to your booth. Always make sure you list strong differentiators for your product and brand in these kits as well as what’s new. Many journalists attend only looking for new stories and products and will only visit booths that have those elements. Make sure your press release has a compelling, interesting trend or fresh news headline for reporters to get excited about. You should also post a digital version of your Press Kit online and make sure it moves through your social media portals as well, in case journalists are looking at your Facebook page and not even visiting the on-site press room.
  • Update social media before, during and after the show. Use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote that you’ll be at the show, your call to action for visiting your booth and exciting news teases.  Find out what the Twitter hashtag will be for the show and include it in all of your tweets about the event. Take videos on the floor as well as still photos and post them not only to your own social media feeds, but also make sure on Facebook to “tag” the show’s Facebook page and with Twitter to include the @ name of the show’s Twitter account along with the show’s hashtag. You may also consider cross-posting and tweeting to vendors, guests and media you meet during the show that come to the booth.
  • Finally, and this may sound obvious, but be present at your booth. Nothing looks worse than an empty booth. Breaks need to be coordinated so that there is always someone at the booth, ready with a smile and information to share.

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