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Why You Need a Press Kit

Sometimes called Media Kits, Press Kits are those folders filled with information about a company, stacked up at tradeshow booths and conferences, or downloadable on a company’s website. Let’s look at what a press kit actually is, and then scenarios where a business really needs a press kit to communicate its messages to target audiences. 

A Press Kit is like any other marketing tool. Its objective is to share current information and company messaging with a target audience. That target audience can include journalists, clients, customers, referral sources, and anyone else seeking information about your business. These people generally do not have time to read through your entire website. You’re doing them a favor by preparing a Press Kit for their review. Press Kits typically include three items:

  1. A current press release about your business. 
  2. An information sheet about your current products or services, with images.
  3. A FAQ, company backgrounder or other informative piece about the business and its people. 

At, we write Press Kits for clients of all types — veterinary businesses, pet product manufacturers, entrepreneurs — who need to share information and communicate current messages to target audiences, website visitors, and media outlets. You may need a Press Kit too if you are:

  1. Exhibiting at a tradeshow
  2. Launching a new product or service
  3. Changing the direction of your business
  4. Opening new offices or locations
  5. Speaking at a conference
  6. Announcing a new website

Press Kits can always be updated, but sometimes the information in a Press Kit only needs slight modifications for each different use. Journalists want Press Kits so they can learn about your company in a concise way. A Press Kit is a smart marketing tool that makes it easier for target audiences to get the information they need, quickly. We strongly advise clients to use Press Kits as a tool for communicating key messages. 

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