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What is the Insiders Program?

As many companies already know, not all pet and veterinary press releases will meet the editorial needs of industry media outlets, even if the news may be of interest to pet owners or others in the industry. Knowing that pet and veterinary press releases are of interest to industry leaders, has launched the Insiders Program. 

Our Insiders Program is the result of business leaders wanting to be aware of news as it happens in the pet and veterinary industries. The Insiders Program is set up as an easy opt-in with no cost or obligation. Insiders will receive, by email, press releases as they are distributed by the service. The program enables greater connection amongst industry leaders with pet and veterinary product and service providers. A PetPR Insider will receive the announcement the same day it is distributed to media outlets and influencers, giving the subscriber a way to stay current with pet and veterinary news.

In addition to pet and veterinary businesses, we see many companies outside of the pet industry announcing news relating to pets. These ‘pet-positive’ companies share news about charitable contributions and events, partnerships with pet or veterinary organizations, or unique tie-ins to pet issues. Again, the PetPR Insiders program will deliver this news directly to the Insiders’ inboxes.

Click here to register for the Insiders Program.

How to Plan the Timing of Your Press Release Distributions

How to Plan the Timing of Your Press Release Distributions

As you plan your press release distribution strategy, it’s helpful to know the turnaround times here at Our goal is to ensure that your news is delivered to the right media contacts who are looking for pet-centric news. Sometimes a distribution can happen right away, and other circumstances and package selections require a bit more time for preparation.

Please review this information and if you have any questions, contact us at

When you order a press release distribution package, you will promptly receive an email from us requesting certain information, including the date you want your release distributed. The date you select must be a business day. You will email us back with the date you have chosen. Generally, we will be able to accommodate your request. 

Most of the PetPR Packages include lists and media contacts that we update regularly, such as Pet and Veterinary trades and Pet Bloggers. For these packages, as well as for the PR Newswire Web News Release Plus package, we commonly require that you choose a distribution date at least three business days from the date we receive your press release. 

Earn Local Media Attention, if you order a press release distribution to a regional media list the timing is different. Here’s why:  The PetPR team personally prepares the selected regional media list at the time of your order, to ensure that each online, print and broadcast contact from that media market is up to date and relevant to your news. We do not use “old” lists. When you select a distribution date for a regional press release, we commonly require that you chose a date at least five business days from the date we receive your press release. 

We do offer Express Service on some packages, which means that after you have placed your order, if we receive the email containing your press release by noon on a business day, we can distribute your release the following business day for an additional fee of $200. 

For writing services, you can expect a first draft of a press release five business days after we receive your completed Press Release Questionnaire. You will then have two rounds of edits, and we can finalize the press release. Likewise when you order a Digital Press Kit, you can expect a first draft of the press kit seven business days after we receive your completed Press Kit Questionnaire. After two rounds of edits, we will finalize your press kit.

If you have breaking news and an urgent need for distribution, let us know and we will find a solution to accommodate your needs.


Ideas for News You Can Announce on

Distributing press releases to media outlets is an excellent marketing tool for pet and veterinary brands to reach their target audiences. The readers, viewers and visitors of a media outlet can include your ideal customers and clients, and it’s important to spread the word when your business has news that impacts those target audiences. If you are scratching your head and wondering what news you have to offer, take a look through this list for ideas. Most likely, you will find several news triggers in this list that will provide good content for press releases.

  • Milestone reached: years in business, years at a location, number of products sold, number of customers served, etc.
  • Awards from trade shows or other events
  • Local event participation and/or sponsorships
  • Contest promotion
  • Start-up campaigns from launch and progress to conclusion
  • New product launch
  • New addition to existing product line
  • Charitable Causes: donations to charities, recognition of charity, tie-in charitable cause to product purchases
  • Trade show exhibit
  • Industry speaking engagement
  • Survey results: most/least, top 5, etc.
  • Personnel promotion or appointment
  • Special holiday or seasonal product or service promotions
  • New service launch
  • New addition to services offered
  • Receipt of an industry prize or award makes it easy to get your news read by targeted journalists who cover pet news and veterinary issues. We look forward to seeing your news!

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