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VetMoms® Launches Website to Help Pet Owners

Maryland (August 27, 2020) –  VetMoms®, a U.S. veterinary information and online chat and email service owned and operated solely by veterinarians, announced today the launch of their website:  VetMoms® is an internet service company comprised of a group of U.S. and Canadian licensed veterinarians, with varying educational and work experience backgrounds, that are available to provide up-to-date informational services for pet owners. VetMoms® have various levels of expertise, specialties, and years of experience, but combined, they have well over 200 years of experience in veterinary medicine helping clients and their pets. VetMoms® are all very passionate and caring about helping animals and their people, as well as their important role as hands-on moms to their children at home.

“I wanted to create a trusted and exclusively veterinarian-owned and operated online chat and pet health information service,” said Diane Krasznay, DVM, a veterinarian and founder of VetMoms®. “Who else is more qualified to help a pet owner in need than a veterinarian who has specialized training and education in multiple areas of a pet’s health? In today’s virtual environment, getting correct, accurate, up-to-date information from trusted, reliable sources like VetMoms® is paramount.”

The timely launch of VetMoms® coincides with the current COVID-19 pandemic, a trying and difficult time for all, including pet owners and veterinary staff, many of whom must work curbside and with limited hours or staff while still attending to the needs of our pet population.  VetMoms® aspires to help support the pet- owning and veterinary community nationally by offering real-time trusted informational services and triage in a convenient online chat or email platform when help is needed, 24 hours a day.  Although VetMoms® is not a telemedicine service and does not provide a VCPR (veterinary-client-patient-relationship), it is nonetheless a bridge to the pet owner’s veterinary community, advocating for their pet’s health and wellness when needed.

Experienced veterinarians can help pet owners decide if their pet has an urgent problem necessitating immediate care at their veterinary office or a veterinary emergency hospital.  VetMoms® can also answer many questions about general health, parasite prevention, illness and injury, toxicities and poisons, nutrition and diet, vaccine schedules, normal behavior, and anything that concerns the pet owner. VetMoms® strive to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, professional, educated, caring, and reliable information available for pet health on the internet at a reasonable, one-time fee.

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About VetMoms®

VetMoms® has future plans to expand to video calls/conferencing as well as their current real-time chat and email platform. VetMoms® has a one-time standard chat fee that allows access to a chat for 24 hours as well as a priority chat fee that offers a response within 1 hour, or a full refund.  VetMoms assures quality responses and customer satisfaction via their proprietary peer-review program.  VetMoms® is available on Facebook and Instagram as well as their website:

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