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Veterinary Practices Now Have Potential to Boost Fecal Compliance by +55% Thanks to New Supplemental Reminder Program From VetSuccess

– Controlled experiment proves significant correlation between fecal testing and incremental practice revenue –

TORONTO, ON, (June 6, 2018)VetSuccess is pleased to announce the launch of BMDM ( the first and only supplemental reminder program designed and statistically proven to help veterinary practices increase fecal compliance while simultaneously boosting overall preventive care and practice revenue. BMDM involves the automated deployment of a mailer that was proven to generate outstanding results in a 2017 experiment undertaken by VetSuccess.

The experiment, conducted among 23 practices and 2,592 patients, was undertaken to determine if improved fecal compliance leads to better overall preventive care and increased practice revenue. The experiment comprised a test group and a control group. Clients in both groups received standard wellness exam reminders from their veterinarians. Test group clients also received a personalized supplemental letter that reinforced the importance of fecal exams, accompanied by a stool collection bag.

The experiment confirmed that increasing fecal testing boosts overall compliance and practice revenue

Three months after the supplemental letter was deployed as part of the experiment, VetSuccess revisited practices in the test group. In addition to a +55% increase in fecal compliance, they discovered the following results:

  • +135% greater likelihood that patients visiting the practice will complete a fecal test
  • +57% increase in fecal revenue
  • +15% increase in wellness exam revenue
  • +58% greater likelihood that patients visiting will purchase at least one vaccine
  • +28% greater likelihood to purchase parasiticides
  • Average incremental revenue of almost $20 per patient mailed and $40 per patient visit, for every mailer sent

Says Dr. Reed Stevens, owner of Ellicott Small Animal Hospital in Buffalo, NY, “Through my clinical experiences, I have come to believe that fecal tests were a gateway to increased parasiticide compliance and overall preventive care. Now, thanks to VetSuccess, we have proof of that and more!”

BMDM is scalable, affordable and best of all, completely automated

“Practice data is extremely powerful,” says VetSuccess CEO Martin Traub-Werner. “It allows us to identify opportunities like the impact of increased fecal compliance on overall compliance and revenue. It also enables us to come up with solutions like BMDM, which is both automated and scalable, making it a very simple and affordable way for practices to be more successful.”

According to Traub-Werner, BMDM involves next to no effort on the part of veterinary practices. Once they’ve decided how many mailers their budget permits them to issue per month, VetSuccess’s algorithm identifies clients who have not been into the practice or are overdue for a fecal test. Each month, VetSuccess sends participating practices performance reports so they can see how many fecal exams were generated and how much revenue was earned as a direct result of the program. In other words, adds Traub-Werner, “there’s no guesstimating involved when it comes to ROI. The proof, as always, is in the data.”

About VetSuccess
VetSuccess ( is a membership service specializing in the delivery of data-driven practice management solutions, including monthly practice performance reports and marketing tools, that helps veterinary practices and industry partners optimize their success while supporting the health and well-being of pets. To learn more about BMDM visit

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For more information and/or to request an interview, please contact:

Name: Martin Traub-Werner, Founder and CEO

  1. 416-951-3873

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