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Unauthorized Use of Pet-Ag, Inc.’s Zoologic® Trademark

Unauthorized Use of Pet-Ag, Inc.’s Zoologic® Trademark

Pet-Ag’s Zoologic® Milk Matrix is the leading multi-animal choice for species specific nutrition.  Zoologic® Milk Matrix is a vet-recommended and scientifically formulated product which is the top choice of zoos and wildlife animal rescue professionals.  For whatever the breed or species, from orphaned neonate squirrels and bunnies, to Siberian tiger cubs and Polar bear cubs, as well as for mature animals needing additional nutrition, Pet-Ag makes the leading milk replacers and nutritional supplements to nourish them and help them grow healthy and strong. 

Pet-Ag has recently learned that Arrow Reliance Inc. d/b/a Darwin’s Natural Pet Products has been selling raw dog food under the unauthorized brand names “ZooLogic” and “Zoologics”.  These products were recently recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to an ongoing pattern of pathogenic contamination, including Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli.  More information regarding this recall is available at  Pet-Ag wishes to dispel any confusion that may have arisen as a result of Darwin’s unauthorized and infringing use of the “ZooLogic” and “Zoologics” brand names.  Rest assured, THERE IS NO AFFILIATION OR ASSOCIATION between Pet-Ag’s Zoologic® Milk Matrix and Darwin’s Natural Pet Products’ raw dog food. 

The protection of Pet-Ag’s Zoologic® brand is of the utmost importance, and Pet-Ag is taking action to protect its legal interests to prevent further damage to its products and reputation.

About Pet-Ag, Inc.
Pet-Ag is a leading provider of quality pet products such as milk replacers and nutritional supplements that are designed to enhance and enrich the lives of all animals, marketing such important brands as Zoologic®, KMR®, Esbilac®, Cat-Sip®, Fresh ’n Clean®, Prozyme® and Bene-Bac® Plus. Originally founded as a division of Borden, Inc., Pet-Ag’s first product, Esbilac®, a milk replacement powder, became the world’s first commercially prepared, nutritionally balanced formula for puppies. Pet-Ag is now a 100 percent employee-owned company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBI-Gordon Corporation.

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