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ThunderWorks® Adds ThunderEase®, a New Feline and Canine Pheromone Calming Solution, to Comprehensive Anti-Anxiety Product Line Up

– ThunderEase is a drug-free solution to anxiety that mimics natural pheromones found in cats and dogs –

RALEIGH, N.C. (June 27, 2017) – ThunderWorks®, the creators of ThunderShirt®, and a name nearly synonymous with calming, announced the launch of its ThunderEase® product line today, further expanding the company’s comprehensive offering of products that decrease fear, anxiety and stress in cats and dogs.

ThunderEase replicates feline and canine pheromones — naturally providing a sense of comfort and security during a wide variety of stressful occasions and situations.

“Both dogs and cats emit natural pheromones to help them feel safe and communicate in their environments. For dogs and cats, mothers emit them during nursing. Cats also produce facial hormones to mark their surroundings including furniture and other items around the house,” said Phil Blizzard, CEO of ThunderWorks. “ThunderEase mimics those comforting pheromones and, in turn, provides a very natural solution to treating anxiety and many other behavioral problems in cats and dogs.”

Like ThunderWorks’ other products, ThunderEase is a drug-free and veterinary recommended solution. The pheromones are effective in treating uneasiness in a new home or environment, fear of loud noises like thunder or fireworks, urine spraying and scratching, stressed caused by change, multiple cat tension, anxiety when visiting a veterinarian office or while boarding, and much more.

The ThunderEase diffuser kits, refills and sprays are now available for dogs, cats and multiple cat households online at and will soon be available at pet retailers across the country. ThunderEase Collars for dogs will be available this fall.

“ThunderEase has been proven to be over 90% effective for many anxiety cases,” said Blizzard. “Pheromones are highly recommended by veterinarians as an alternative solution to treat fear, anxiety and stress in pets without the need for a costly prescription.”

For more information about the new ThunderEase product line, or to request images of the products, please contact Jillian Spitz at

About ThunderWorks
Founded in 2009 in Durham, N.C., ThunderWorks’ mission is to provide innovative solutions for some of the most common challenges faced by families with pets. With two of the best known brands in the pet industry  – ThunderShirt® and ThunderLeash® – and new products in the summer of 2017 including ThunderEase®, Dial-A-Distance® and ThunderSnap®, ThunderWorks is already helping millions of dogs and cats worldwide. ThunderShirt is sold online at, as well as at retail stores, veterinarians, and by trainers across the country. As part of the ThunderWorks Gives Back program, the company regularly donates ThunderShirts to rescue organizations and shelters to help them manage their animals’ anxiety issues, and thus find permanent homes more quickly. Recent donation recipients include ASPCA, RedRover, Search Dog Foundation, Save-A-Pet, Hero Dogs, and multiple SPCAs among others.

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Jillian Spitz
877.703.3824 x 108

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