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The Nurturing Paw Launches Quarterly Box Featuring Organic and Holistic Items


LEAWOOD, Kansas/ PALM DESERT, CA (March 21, 2017) – Founded in 2016 as a seasonal quarterly box subscription company, The Nurturing Paw is an organic and holistic spa experience for a dog and its owner, with products that evoke the feeling of relaxation experienced at the spa. The Nurturing Paw is an experience to be enjoyed in a home environment, with items that have been hand-selected specifically to offer a sense of companionship through relaxation and well-being.

The Nurturing Paw launches its subscription box of retail products in March 2017, and each box is seasonal, featuring soy candles infused with essential oils, healing crystals and holistic items for both the dog and its owner, human grade dog treats, and treat recipes with organic and all natural ingredients. The combination of these items will bring the spa experience home to benefit both humans and their dogs. The Winter Serenity box is now available at

“We are passionate about providing a unique way to help pet parents spend relaxing, quality time with their dogs. We are dedicated to empowering every pet parent with the options to share an experience that brings balance and wellness to the owner and its pet,” said Karen Finkle, co-founder of The Nurturing Paw, LLC.

Debbie Miller, co-founder of The Nurturing Paw, LLC, agrees, “More than 37 million Americans visited a spa in 2016, and nearly 80 million households include a pet as a family member. Recognizing the love that people have for their dogs, and the value of the spa experience, The Nurturing Paw combines the two as a unique way to spend quality time together.”

“When used correctly, remedies containing pure essential oils can be a safe and effective way for humans and dogs to soothe common ailments,” explains Vicki Rae Thorne, founder, owner and aromatherapist for Earth Heart, Inc.  “Our sense of smell has a direct link to the limbic system (the seat of memory, emotion and learning) and can help create calm healthy environments, improve the human-animal bond, or increase the potential for behavior modification. In addition to this memory-emotion response, the medical effects of essential oils on animals and humans were well known in parts of Europe by the mid-1800s.”

Thorne’s essential oils are one of the items pet owners will find in The Nurturing Paw subscription box. “When you hold a bottle of our essential oil remedies,” adds Thorne, “you hold nature’s pure essence of health-promoting botanicals, for you and your dog.”   

Finkle grew up as the granddaughter of a zoo director and was exposed to wild animals at a very early age. Later, Finkle became a spa owner and developer. The Nurturing Paw blends her love of animals with her study of peace and relaxation.

Miller left the corporate world after 25 years to devote her life to making the world a better place for animals. Her strong passion to make a difference in their lives was the inspiration to provide, through The Nurturing Paw, healthy products and resources for pet owners.

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