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PetData and PetHub Partner to Super-Charge Pet Licensing Programs Nationwide

Dallas, Texas and Wenatchee, Washington – PetData, the most trusted full-service animal licensing provider in the nation, has partnered with the nation’s most powerful digital pet ID and lost pet recovery service, PetHub to help communities SUPER-CHARGE their  pet license programs with digital pet license tags at exclusive, specially negotiated pricing through PetData.

“At our core, PetData has always been about making pet licensing easy for our clients and for the citizens they serve.” says Chris Richey, President and CEO. “Proliferation of technology is constantly making our world more efficient. While making the best possible use of that technology, we believe we are still very much in a people-oriented business. Meeting our clients’ needs on a day-to-day basis is how PetData was built and how we have been able to continually progress throughout our 25-year history.”

PetData specializes in pet licensing programs, and over the past 25 years, has processed more than 16 million pet licenses and rabies vaccination certificates for over 100 cities, counties and states. PetData provides all labor, tools, supervision and supplies necessary to manage and operate a municipality’s pet licensing program.  PetData’s comprehensive program includes, but is not limited to: providing supplies of forms; processing of rabies vaccination certificates; processing of licenses; distribution of tags; data entry; response to citizens, municipality staff and veterinarian inquiries; providing mailing and processing license renewals and billing notices from vaccination data; handling and reconciliation of fees and both custom and standard reporting. PetData’s clients see an average increase in licensing compliance of 40 to 60 percent. With the addition of PetHub’s digital pet license tags and the high value added with their lost pet recovery services, pet license compliance could be even higher!

PetHub digital ID tags are the future of pet licensing and are a perfect fit with PetData’s service. Displaying a current license tag on your pet’s collar makes it easy for animal control officers and shelter employees, as well as citizens finding lost pets, to quickly locate a lost pet’s owner information. These digital ID license tags could be a pet’s ticket home!

“Having your pet microchipped is still very important, but the reality is that not everyone carries around a microchip scanner. Additionally, once a microchip is scanned, you still need to contact one of the many microchip databases to hopefully find the pet owner’s current information. The genius behind our fully customizable PetHub ID tags, is the ability for anyone with a smartphone to easily scan the tag and obtain the pet owner’s emergency contact information. This also automatically alerts the pet owner and everyone in their Safety Circle that this pet has been found. Plus, the pet owner can update their emergency contact information as often as they need, for FREE!!” -Morgan A. Woodward, PetHub’s Vice President of Sales   

Municipalities using PetHub digital license tags not only see an increase in licensing numbers & license retention, they also see a reduction of animals into the shelter system.  With a PetHub digital ID tag, pets get home fast – 98% of pets are returned home before they enter a shelter.

“Our staff is super jazzed about the new pet licenses. The PetHub team made it so easy with the beautiful tags and signage! Not to mention all of the benefits of the tags – that will help increase licensing compliance and decrease the number of pets entering the shelter,” says Katie Ingram, Placer County Animal Services Manager.

PetHub’s digital ID tags are high quality epoxy-coated full-color steel and replace traditional stamped metal tags – and the tag enables powerful lost pet recovery services proven to help get lost pets home fast! When tags are linked to PetHub’s free online pet profile, pet owners can update existing contact information and enter additional phone numbers, email addresses, family and veterinary contacts, and more. PetHub’s lost pet recovery services include free access to PetHub’s 24/7 Found Pet Call Center, lost pet alerts broadcast to shelters, and instant lost pet posters. Each online profile also comes with hundreds of dollars in discounts for pet products and services, including pet insurance.

For more information on PetData, visit, or call 800-738-3463. For PetHub success stories, visit

About PetData and PetHub:
Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1994, PetData, Inc. is the largest pet licensing organization in the United States. PetData has partnered with over 100 cities, counties and states over the past 25 years and has processed over 16 million licenses and rabies vaccinations. PetData believes effective licensing programs require three components: an effective animal services program that provides tangible value to the community, public trust and support for community animal services, and robust support for enactment, education and enforcement from the municipality providing animal services. As licensing increases and more revenue is generated, the greater goals of reducing animal euthanasia and resolving animal control problems can be met.  

PetHub, Inc., was started in 2010 by former Microsoft employee, Tom Arnold, to combat the issue of low RTO (“return to owner”) rates for lost animals. Combining software with a physical ID tag allows anyone to help a lost animal get home again quickly, often avoiding a trip to a vet or a shelter. 98% of PetHub recovered “pack members” are home again in under 24-hours, and before  ever entering a shelter. PetHub’s award-winning platform has multiple software and hardware patents pending on its ID tags and Internet services. Success stories can be found at The company’s tags are now in nearly 400 communities in the United States as their pet license or rabies tag, and nearly 20,000 new pets are being added to the website monthly.

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Media Contacts:

Ann Campbell, PetData
Director Sales and Marketing 
800-738-3463 ext. 525

Lorien Clemens, PetHub
Vice President of Marketing

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